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Be part of the solution – Learn how to Transform racism.

Open to more racial equality.
Act more inclusive. Influence others.

Kathleen Dameron

“I work with an international network of coaches and trainers, helping organizations to transform their cultural diversity into a competitive advantage.”

Origin of Racial Hierarchy…

  • Europe’s kings justify grabbing other’s wealth.
  • Illuminating the history of racial hierarchy.
  • Understanding institutional racism.

How did we get here…

  • Enslavement. Jim Crow. Redlining. Red Summers.
  • Targeted policing. Mass Incarceration.
  • Moving past your own racial trauma.
  • Healing collective racial trauma.

Collective Change…

Feeling supported by community to sustain change efforts.

Documenting my Journey…

Journaling, videos, articles, books, and communal conversation, exploration. Intertwined.

The Results

Benefits of joining us

  • Understanding personal vs. institutional racism
  • Moving past your own racial trauma through information, tools and practices
  • Feeling of community and energy
  • Deepening self-understanding


We live in a time of unprecedented challenge, when our very survival depends on the courage and commitment to integrate the deep racial wounds of the world soul. Racism is one of deepest addictions of them all, with all its attendant denials and chronic patterns of dehumanization. The recovery from such addictions requires a lot of help and community connection, and I am privileged and lucky to have Kathleen Dameron as one of my guides on this journey. She is a sort of contemporary “holy woman” who has lived true to her African American roots while moving through many other cultural, spiritual, and healing traditions. All of what she has lived is now coming through her teaching on how heal our addiction to racism, and I highly recommend her to you.”

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. best-selling author, psychologist, international trainer in generative change.

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