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  • How to Foster Inclusion, Diversity & Empowerment in the Workplace - How to Foster Inclusion, Diversity & Empowerment in the Workplace Perhaps the #1 driver of success today, in BOTH the public and private sectors (worldwide), is knowing how to foster INCLUSION and EMPOWERMENT in the workplace. Kathleen Dameron is a leading authority in knowing how to nurture large, medium, and small organizations alike in realizing this […]
  • What’s Racial Literacy Got to do with Effective Leadership? -   Jiviniti presents Connection the dots: What’s Racial Literacy Got to do with Effective Leadership? “In media partnership with @janeunchainednews, JIVINITI presents yet another powerful “Connecting The Dots ⭕️” – a monthly show that brings together voices across communities, specifically of Women of Color, who are experts in various fields such as Lifestyle Medicine, Planetary Health, […]
  • Healing the Collective Trauma of Racism - Kathleen Dameron, American in Paris, Healing the Collective Trauma of Racism “In our collective trauma, we still choose not to see our history, our past acts and our current blind eye to injustice. Even as a Christian nation, we still do not pay attention to the well-being of other human beings,” said Kathleen Dameron, American […]
  • Cross-Cultural Communications Drives Success For International Businesses - Kathleen Dameron, president and founder of KD Conseil, works to build international partnerships with companies that are going through cultural changes. (Paris, France)  Weathering the storm of an international recession is not an easy task. However, for international businesses, one thing has remained constant in good, as well as bad times, a competent multinational and […]
  • Should America “be less white” Is Coca-Cola’s Training Right? - “I understand people’s anger at being told to be less white,” said internationally recognized cross-cultural trainer Kathleen Dameron. “Be less white. What are the qualities? “I have a lot of empathy for people being told to be less white,” she said. “I know it hurts. As a Black child and as a grown-up, I have […]
  • Reparations Finally Comes to America - The Dameron family 1965 in E. St. Louis, IL. Barbara, Carl T., Crystal (baby), Denise, Carl and Kathleen. “We we integrators,” said Katheleen Dameron. “When you look at the history of redlining, the history of denying Black people and Native Americans the right to housing, this is a significant step in saying, ‘Yes, we did […]
  • Guilty Verdicts Bring Relief in Police Killing of George Floyd - “The past weeks have been very traumatizing for African-Americans because it’s Derek Chauvin, who is supposed to be on trial, and yet they were talking about the victim’s life,” said International Diversity Expert Kathleen Dameron.   (San Bernardino, Calif.) Black Americans celebrated this week’s three guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, hopeful that […]
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