Be part of the solution – Learn how to Transform racism.


Thought leader said:

“Transforming such deeply rooted patterns is not easy and takes significant amounts of mindfulness, compassion, courage and generativity. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to take on this task than Kathleen Dameron. In many ways, this is the calling she has been preparing for all of her life. She is familiar with the challenges and the paradoxes involved as well as the absolute necessity to tackle this issue right now. I deeply support and highly recommend her Transforming Racism course as something that will support your own inner growth as well as make a positive contribution to our world.”

Robert Dilts, author and co-founder of IAGC

Participants said:

“I can help. We are crafting a process to help white people talk to white people about systemic racism.”


“We need to be more proactive to fight this societal malady, and we can reach the subconscious, even the uncomfortable, when there is an atmosphere of trust. This is very important in professional environments.”


“Racism is in my body (and probably in most peoples bodies). This needs to be dealt with, by holding it, acknowledging it and by being with it. And by finding better ways from here on. The past might not be my fault but it is my responsibility that the future will be different.”


“Kathleen’s course on racism was a real eye-opener for me. I learnt about systemic racism and its roots in every society. This learning was a product of all the material provided by Kathleen as well as by the interaction of the community of people I worked with. This community, supported by Kathleen’s wise and skillful guidance, was a supportive and healing environment ideal for growth and empowerment. I now feel I’m not powerless in the face of this tremendous injustice, but I keep finding ways and support to be part of the construction of a more peaceful and inclusive world”.


Dear Kathleen!

“Today – and this is really a pleasure for me – I took some time to sit and feel what changed since I got to know you and a lot came to my mind! One of the things I‘m most grateful for is your way to guide and be with this group of amazing people. To go with us through the sometimes quite challenging and unknown territory of becoming aware of, learning and feeling about racism in- and outside ourselves. And what I love most of all these precious situations are the sparkling moments when I feel the fire inside you aligned with your soft and caring self. May this and all the other great aspects of you live on and on and on! Happy birthday Kathleen – you are wonderful!️ Hugs!”


“Kathleen is the most amazing facilitator. She creates a nourishing, safe space where we can explore our own embodied trauma and move towards an open-minded, open hearted expression of our humanity. This work is so important to building a world beyond racism.”


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